Donate to GME

Grace M Eaton accepts donations of all kinds to support its mission.  Donations can be marked for a specific purpose or unmarked to support operational, meals, scholarships for children, and /or classroom supplies and material.

Please consider the following:

$50 donation – supports classrooms supplies for one month

$100 donation – supports nutritional snacks for two months

$250 donation – supports nutritional snacks for a month

$500 donation – supports all classrooms materials for one month

$1,000 donation – supports STEAM projects and a field trip

$1,500 donation – supports classroom computers and center technology

$2,000 donation – offsets the cost of an educator’s salary

Note that the following are mere suggestions, you can mark your donations as you wish.  To donate please us the link below or mail a check to the Grace M Eaton Early Learning Center at 283 Plus Park Blvd., Nashville, TN. 37217.   All donations are tax-deductible.